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Top 10 Cute Nails Shapes Ideas

Cute Nails Shapes Ideas

Nail shapes give you a beautiful look to your hand nails. Everyone has own choice to choose nail shape according to the skin tone. Most of girls likes round shape,square shape,edge shape,stiletto shape,lipstick shape and almond shape etc.The trend of Nail Designing is rising with passing of times.Girls are rushing  nail art to exhibit different nail shapes. But with so many different  cute nails shapes, change the life style in modern nails world. Here some of the nail shapes  ideas so that you select the right one for your nails.

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Round Nail Shape

Round nail shape is one of the best nails shapes for those girls with short nails. It is suitable for wide nails and gives an impression of a thinner nail bed. Smooth nails and Rounded nails shapes are not easy to tear so it works well for those who like to have short nails.

nails,round nail shape

Round shape perfect for short nails and these give good impression on others

Square Nails Shape

Square nail shape is one of the best matches for the Mid Length Nails. But your nails have to be sufficiently long to reveal the square part to make shape. The long square nails feature the popular classic French nails. You have to take care of the edges while shapes your nails with some acrylic nails.


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Square nails shape looking beautiful if your nails is mid length long.

Oval Nails Shape

Oval nail shape  is one of  cute simple nails that gives you a slimmer and feminine look with your longer nails. Longer nails gives ideal for creating a classical cute nail art. In the nail shapes your hands a longer look and your fingers will look slimmer. The short oval nails shapes will also prove good if you have short nail beds.

nails,oval nail shape

Oval nails shape good looking if your nail are longer.

Almond And Pointed Nail Shape

Almond nail shape  is popular for acrylic nail designs. Many girls,women,children are rocking with almond  nail shape likes most. It offers a longer and slender look to your fingers. Almond nail shape is latest trend in nail world.

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Edge Nail Shape

Edge nail shape is a slap bang in the mid-way  make pointed  shapes. It features a great canvas for cute simple nail designs and reduced chipping It is best for long length nails.

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Coffin Nail Shapes

Coffin nail shape  is one of  best nails that gives your hand is looking beautiful but it made with  longer nails. Longer nails gives idea for creating a classical  nail shape with art. In the nail shapes your hands a  look longer and your fingers will look slims.

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SC round Nail Shape

Sc-round nail shape is one of the perfect matches for  mid-length nails. But your nails have to be long to reveal the SC-round nail shape. You have to take care of the Sc-round while styling your nails with some acrylic nails or UV gels.

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Flare Nail Shape

Flare nail shape made U- shape and looking beautiful. Longer nails look cute with flare nails shape. Girl,and children like the flare nail shape in nail world.

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 Stiletto Nail Shape

Stiletto nail shape is a best popular nail shape.Stiletto nail shape is a cute match with long length nails.in the word of nail everyone like the new trend about the stiletto nail shape. Stiletto nail shape is mixed with edge nail shape but both has few difference between the nail shape.

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 Lipstick nail shape

Lipstick nail shape is best and new trend in nail world. Every girl want lipstick nail shape because these are the latest trend and everyone attractive to lipstick nail shape.

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Trapezoid Nail Shape

Trapezoid nail shape is related to maths and these are very popular in few years. All girl  want trapezoid nail shape when girl have long nail. Trapezoid nail suitable only longer nails because nail shape become accurate and looking cute.

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