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Reverse French Manicure to Freshen Up Your Image

Reverse French manicure or half-moon manicure is a kind of manicure in which we highlight the moons of the nails near the cuticle rather than the tips. This manicure usually includes brighter colors comparing to the usual French manicure. Oval nails with half-moon manicure make your fingers appear longer and ...

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21 New and Elegant Designs for French Nails You Will Want to Try ASAP!

French nails are always classy and elegant. Whether it’s for an everyday look or a formal occasion, fresh style nails are always in! If you are looking for new ideas for French tip nails, look no further. We have gathered some of our favorite stylish and elegant French nail art ...

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French Tip Nail Designs: Create Your Perfect Mani

French tip nail designs never fall out of fashion. Starting from two centuries ago, French mani has been the source of inspiration for many women around the globe. Of course, classic stays classic, but the countless updates have found a way of getting into our life. And today we will ...

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24 Negative Space Nails Designs: Simple Perfection

Negative space nails are the latest trend that everyone tries hard to replicate and, of course, to upgrade it somehow. What is the peculiarity of this design you may wonder? Well, this design means that no matter what patterns or shades are involved, your natural nail should be visible, even ...

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21 Elegant Nails Designs for Women in Business

Elegant nails are a sign of a lady who takes good care of herself and likes to look neat but has her own style. Sometimes it is difficult to look stylish if there are rules to follow, don’t you think? Yet, there is nothing that we are unable to spice ...

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