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31 Beautiful Nail Art

Beautiful Nail Art

Nails are those body parts to human, which serve as an adornment. Nails play a beautiful role in a girl appearance. It became their almost necessity to have beautiful nails, as it makes their hands look more awesome. The beautiful hands  illustrates  of their personality being A Girl.The nail point give you beautiful nail art which is given below:

  Dotting Manicure Nail Art

Dotting Manicure  nail art can understand as the simplest of all the nail art.Firstly we get a light shade of color paint as a base and then put a small dots of your matching nail colors. Polka Dotting is similar to dotting manicure with a little difference. Polka dots uses one shade color while in Dotting Manicure you can apply different shades with different nail shape.

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 Pearls Jelly Nail Art

Pearls Jelly art is famous and creative cute nail art. You can get it with a blend of shining pearls with nail paints color. The simple nail paint is applied as a base and then mixed with glitters and gels design with nail art. Click here for more pearl nails design

Rainbow Caviar Nail Art

Rainbow caviar one of the cute nail art that is new trend now a days. A very simple and cute nail art  first we apply your favorite base color and then put bright colored caviar over it to get a perfect nice look. It will look so beautiful and cute and everyone attract to rainbow caviar nail art.Click here for more Rainbow Caviar Nail Art

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Drip Nails Art

Drip nail art is one of another cute and fun creating nails art. Nail art  ideas is that you have to create the effect of drip nail paint with art. You can easily made with the nail paint of two different colors. Dripping nail art mostly like children because they play with paint.

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 Mix Match Nail Art

Mix match nail art is new trend and creative idea for a cute nail art.There are many color but  two ways to get a mix match color which you can choose the one favorite and then You go for a single base color after that adding polka dots or you can try two or three contrasting colors with gel and diamante. click here for more mix match nails designs

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Flowery Nail Art

Flowery nail art has excelled in beauty and naturally loved. In flowery nail art you need to apply glitter gel on your nails. After that you can draw a flower on nails with your favorite color shades. You can also beautiful to these flower with glitters and gel.

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Angry bird Nail Art

Angry Birds nail art is cute idea for the fans.  Base nails is coated with red nail color and then add a half circle at your nails. Put two small black dots for the eyes and a yellow nose. Do not forget to seal your nail art by finishing it with a topcoat.

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Zig Zag Nail Art

Zig Zag nail art is one of the best  new trend for any of nail shapes. You can have a horizontal or vertical  Zig Zag of uniform or variable width. You can also try some creative new forms with your imagination powers, but all depends on your choice.

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Bow Nail Art

One of the best and colorful nail art is the Bow Nail. It is a correct matching for girls, woman and can be done simply with polka dotted and nails appliques. This one is best for beginners to try at home compulsory.Bow nail art is latest trend in nail world.

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Soft Angel Nail Art

Soft Angel nail Art needs a fresh manicure in which looking naturally nails shape which have  maintain, and they are neatly filed base with favorite color as it has more emphasizes on the neatness of the nails shape while skin tone around them.

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Heart Nail Art

The heart nails art is one of the popular art which used and people like most, such as a heart filled and blank heart.Firstly we are coated base with your favorite color and then made heart.you can  also try at home with some creative new forms with your imaginative powers, but all depends on your choice. click here for more nails art

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